Guitar Players
Instructions and Info

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All guitar players in the event will be asked to purchase a special T-shirt, until the shirts supply is gone. It will be a Woodstock 40th t-shirt with an inscription on the back saying “I was one of 3,000 guitar players, Woodstock 40th”. You will get a special discount of $8 per shirt (the shirts normally sell for $20).

Everyone will need to be at the park by 8:00 am to check in – please don’t forget your registration form, you will need to give this to the people at the registration tables.

You do not need an amp, you can play acoustic. If you decide to bring your own amp it will need to be battery-powered. There will be no power provided. We also have a special Woodstock 40th collector’s (Cigarette package) battery powered amp for sale at the event for $25. First come first serve.

Remember having fun is a priority, let’s break some records and have fun doing it, It’s time to rock the park.

Instruction for the Participant:

1) Register - You will need to register at first, follow instructions and sign up.

2) Day of Show Registration– On the morning of October 25th, Sunday, please arrive at 8am sharp. There will be registration tables located on the right hand side of the main stage. Please sign in and give them your email address then go back to you seat in the park.

3) Performance time – 10:00 am. Narada Michael Walden will come on the stage along with 2 other guitar players, both guitar players will be on the corners of the stage and Narada will be in the middle. It’s important that everyone pay’s attention to Narada. He will ask everyone to hold their guitars above your head. He will then have everyone play 4 chords in E and then start playing “Purple Haze”. He will count it off something like this:

1, 2, 3, 4, cord (E chord) strum the chord until Narada cuts you off.
He does this three times;
1, 2, 3, 4, cord (E chord) strum the chord until Narada cuts you off.
1, 2, 3, 4, cord (E chord) strum the chord until Narada cuts you off.
Then on the fourth time he counts you off you start playing Purple Haze
1,2,3,4, Start (Purple Haze).

If you make a mistake its OK, just stop, listen for a section of the song you recognize and then jump back in. Its not about a perfect performance its about all of us having fun doing something together, celebrating Jimi, no matter what happens it will be perfect. 3,000 guitars players playing purple Haze, in SF, now that’s a statement.

4) The end - When the song ends HOLD YOUR GUITAR ABOVE YOUR HEAD until the applause stops.

5) When you are finished please put your axe in your car, vehicle etc. We are not responsible for you guitar, it is your axe please do not leave it lying around. You can also donate it for a tax credit at the Guitars Not Guns booth. They are a non-profit music education organization that is trying to stop violence in our schools.

This will be a great moment, let’s make sure we end on a positive note. Lets watch out for each other, If your friend is leaving his axe lying around remind him to put it away. Lets make this event an event to remember for years to come.