If you would like to submit your photos taken at this years West-Fest 2009 please take a moment to review the guidelines given below.

· All thumb nails need to be no more than 160 pixels wide at 72 dbi. If people send us all sizes of pictures then I have to conform them which means I'm making changes to someone else's work; not good. Please send no more than four thumbnails. Thumbnails will be used under the artist name for people to click on to go to that person’s page.

· All final photos’ should be no larger than 500 pixels wide, and once again 72 dbi. Please try not to submit more than 10 or 15 photos.

· A short bio of the artist, a website address, or just an e-mail address with name would be fine. That way if anybody would like to contact you they'll have a way to do so without calling 2b1 for more information. This can be a simple “read-me” file added to the photos.

· All photo's submitted should come to 2b1 records in a zip or stuffit type file labeled by the persons name, once again to keep down the unnecessary phone calls on who's photos are who's.

· Who makes the list is up to the 2b1 staff only; people contacting me personally will be referred to Boots, or Dusty at 2b1. So in other words please don't try calling me, or e-mailing me, I don't have anything to do with the selection process.

· Submit all photo’s, and contact info in a zip or stuffit file only addressed to Boots Hughston, boots2b1@yahoo.com.